UPDATE:SBI dismantles meth lab

Delivery of pseudoephedrine promoted investigation
May. 24, 2013 @ 12:02 PM

Thomasville Police Department busted a meth lab Wednesday evening on Taylor Street.

According to a press release, William Jerome Smith, 49, of 325 Taylor St., was arrested and charged with possession of precursors to manufacture methamphetamine following a month-long investigation by the TPD Special Operations Unit.

"Detectives with the Special Operations Unit conducted a thorough investigation leading to  the discovery of this meth lab," Detective Brad Saintsing said. “The investigation resulted in one arrest. This benefits the community and rids the neighborhood of a potentially dangerous situation.”  

Detectives arrived at Smith’s home with a search warrant at approximately 5:30 p.m. Wednesday as part of an ongoing investigation into the manufacturing, use and distribution of methamphetamine in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Detectives observed a delivery of pseudoephedrine and camp fuel, two key and dangerous ingredients used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine, to Smith at his home.

Once inside, detectives found a working meth lab and vacated the residence. Members of the State Bureau of Investigation Clandestine Lab, along with a SBI chemist from Raleigh, arrived Thursday morning at 10 a.m., and were seen going in and out of the home wearing protective masks. Thomasville Fire Department also was at the home due to the presence of the potentially dangerous chemicals used to make the illegal drug. Officials contained the area and evacuations were not required.

Investigators completely dismantled the lab and removed all dangerous chemicals by 3 p.m. Thursday.    

Joshua Everhart lives next door and said he suspected something illegal was taking place due to the frequent foot traffic at the home.

"Finally, they busted him" Everhart said. "We knew because there's always people going in and out. You can tell by the way certain people look."

Everhart said his 2-year old son's bedroom is less than 30 feet from the suspected meth lab.

"Our rooms are right there beside the house, so if something exploded it definitely would've gotten us," said Everhart. "I'm very relieved. We just moved in two months ago."

TPD notified officials with the Davidson County Health Department, who will conduct a follow-up inspection of the home for harmful chemical residues before anyone is allowed back inside.

Smith, who also faces pending charges of manufacturing methamphetamine, maintaining a dwelling for controlled substances and possession of drug paraphernalia, was placed in the Davidson County Detention Center and issued a $10,000 secured bond. He is scheduled to appear in Thomasville District Court on June 26.

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