Opinion: What would an All-DCCC basketball team look like?

Mar. 26, 2014 @ 12:12 PM

When I found out about Deon Boyce's accomplishments at the University of Virginia at Wise, it got me thinking about what the all-time starting five at Davidson County Community College would look like.
The last seven years, DCCC basketball has fielded some incredible teams, including two that have gone on to the national tournament. But what if you took five players from all of those teams and combined them into one to form a Storm all-star team?
I brought this question up to Davidson basketball coach Matt Ridge recently. He seemed impressed by my list that looks something like this.
Point guard
My actual pick for this position is not a true point guard, but combined with who is at shooting guard, I figured the two would have no problems getting the ball up the floor. This player currently has a video on Youtube of a between-the-legs dunk that has nearly 92,500 views. He has an incredible jumping ability, and was a dependable player with the game on the line. A two-year star at Winston-Salem State University, the high-flying, unpredictable Justin Glover gets the nod. He was a NJCAA Division III 1st Team All-American at DCCC, which included Region X player of the year honors in 2011. He was a fan favorite and one that fans still talk about.
Shooting guard
There might not be a smarter player to come through Ridge's system than Justin Strickland. He was a part of the inaugural season in 2007-08 – one that saw an unknown Storm program gain a share of the Region X regular season title and make a conference tournament championship game appearance. A 1st Team All-American, Strickland just knew how to score the basketball. Any sliver of space a defender would give, Strickland make them pay. He also was a Region X player of the year and a solid player all around. He was an excellent student, earning a spot on the Region X academic team.
Small forward
In case you have never seen it, there is an impressive highlight video of my selection for power forward on Youtube. Though not as adventurous with some of his dunks as teammate Justin Glover, there were many times I thought Maurice Nash would rip the rim clear off the backboard. His ability to attack the iron made him tough to defend. But he was no one-trick pony. He was an excellent 3-point shooter and a key contributor to the 2011 team that finished fourth in the nation. If not for playing on the same team as Glover, he could have easily been named the top player in the league. What I loved most about Nash was his demeanor. He would go through the warm-up line, casually laying the ball in and acting as if he was in the gym all alone. Then when the ball was tipped, he was ramming the ball through the cylinder with authority. Nash currently plays at Winston-Salem State University.
Power forward
What else can be said about Deon Boyce? The guy just has a passion for basketball and showed it every second he was on the floor. A 2nd Team All-American and player of the year in 2012, he could teach a clinic on how to set up on the low block. With a sweet little hook shot and desire to rebound every single ball he could, Boyce was the kind of player coaches dream of having on their team. When a guy takes more pride in how many rebounds he has rather than how many points, that is somebody you want to coach. Boyce has represented DCCC well, setting records at UVA-Wise and coming back in the summer to help young kids at the annual Matt Ridge basketball camp.
As if there were not enough Justin's already on the team, I figured one more would not hurt. Besides, this one is about the only true center the program has ever had. And he was a good one.
Though only around for half a season, Justin Reissmann was the missing piece of that inaugural campaign. They were loaded up with guards and wings but had little inside presence. That is until Reissmann entered the picture and dominated the league. His strength and skill-set on the low block was tough to guard. Not to mention his ability to go up and finish countless alley-oop slams. He must have been pretty good because the team still runs a play named in his honor.
Reissmann has since put the basketball down and focused on his career as a gas man in NASCAR.
Believe me, there are plenty of others worthy of cracking the starting lineup, but you would have a difficult time finding five who were better than these men. That would be a fun team to watch and those goals at Brinkley Gym might not make it through an entire season.
Now if we could only find someone to coach them! I guess Ridge will have to do. After all, he does have a ridiculously good 184-38 career record at DCCC. I think that more than qualifies him for the job!

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