Baseball: HiToms seek team name for new club

Jan. 27, 2014 @ 10:28 AM

The HiToms baseball organization is asking for help from the public to name a new baseball team and they are giving away multiple prizes.
No, the HiToms are not changing their name. The High Point-Thomasville HiToms are thriving with a great new manager and have many special events planned this year including a return trip from Team USA, Memorial Day Weekend games, concerts after Friday games and much more.
The HiToms are assisting in the launch of a new summer team starting this May. This “developmental” team will cater primarily toward former legion players in the surrounding area, as well as collegiate underclassmen.
One way to win the contest is to come up with the team name ultimately used. Another winner will be randomly drawn from all entries. People can enter by emailing their contact information along with their idea for a team name to In the event that multiple people submit the name that the HiToms choose, the Grand Prize Winner will randomly be drawn from those entries. Entries may be submitted now and must be received by January 31 to be eligible to win.
The Grand Prize winner will receive tickets to every regular season home game for the new team and for the HiToms. They will also win a baseball cap and jersey with the new team name and logo. Additionally, they will have the option to throw out the first pitch for the very first home HiToms game in history of the new team.
The winner that comes from all randomly drawn entries will receive a jersey of the new team and a ticket for all regular season home games for the new team.
While the HiToms are open to virtually any name, they have decided that the team colors will be scarlet and navy; the team will be referred to as the “HT- (insert name here)”; and they might lean toward something with a local, geographic, historic or industrial connection. They definitely want something unique and interesting.
The team will be an independent team with tryouts in early May and a season running from late May through July.
Once the team name is decided, keep your eyes and ears open for a contest to help design the logo and come up with a mascot.
Thomasville Tourism Director Mark Scott is excited that local college baseball players will have a chance to continue to play and improve their game close to home in front of family and friends. He also noted that it is one more draw for visitors to come to the Chair City as fans of our new team or the visiting teams.