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Who is your person of interest?
May. 23, 2013 @ 07:30 PM

Who is your person of interest?
High school graduation is just a few. short weeks away for East Davidson High School seniors.
Those who plan to attend a college may have an idea of what field they would like to study — or maybe not. Nevertheless, my mission was to ask three seniors to name the person whom they would like to meet in their field of study.
Not a senior entered my camera’s view finder. Senioritis had struck. That story is on the front page.
However, underclassmen were already in a mode to contemplate their futures. I asked them to mull over this simple question:

Q: If you could meet one person in your chosen field after graduation, who would it be?

I want to meet Dr. James Andrews. I want to be an orthopedic surgeon and that's pretty much what he does. I just know he operates on all the professional athletes, like major league pitchers who have arm trouble and need reconstructive surgery. I think that's really cool to be able to do it on a wide scale of different injuries.
—  Lane Ingram, junior

I would want to meet Ken Block. After I decided I wanted to race, I realized he is the best. With all the races he's won in California and Texas, he has proven to be one of the greatest rally racers in the country. They run races across the United States and he is famous all over the country.
— Joseph Medlin, sophomore

I can no longer meet the person I would most like to in my chosen profession, because he is deceased. I want to become a Navy Seal. Just learning about the Seals helped me decide that I wanted to become one. Learning about the Seals, I discovered Chris Kyle and his accomplishments through several books I have on them at home. He had more kills than anyone else. There is no one else comparable to him left in the world.
— Hayden Key, sophomore