Rain, rain, go away, come back again another day

We're going to be wet for a bit longer
Jul. 12, 2013 @ 01:07 PM

I am sure those were the sentiments of many of our youngsters within the last few weeks. Many years ago, I recall my dad scolding me for those words.

"The rain is the work of the Lord," he would say.

The weather forecast looks like we are going to stay wet for a little longer. That is good for the farmers who have growing crops and it is good for you and I who have a lone tomato plant. I hope it is not too much for the farmers who depend on harvesting crops — vegetables, tobacco or cotton —  to take to the market.

Gayle and I enjoyed a few days over the Fourth of July at our place in the North Carolina mountains at Chestnut Hills. Years ago quite a few Thomasville residents use to go there for a summer break and cool breezes. There are still some who go there. It's a nice getaway.


I hope all Thomasville area residents are still reveling and excited about the "All America City" designation. Now, we need to thank Joy Thompson for putting Thomasville on TV with her Southern Sister's  debut on the popular show "Rx for Healthy Lifestyles." We will all look forward to seeing hometown folks.


In previous articles I have mentioned young Thomasville native Wil Myers. Since he was drafted by the Tampa Bay Rays, the Thomasville Times and the High Point Enterprise have given Myers great coverage.

Can you imagine hitting a grand slam  in your first Major League game? We saw Wil's grandparents, Noah and Barbara Manning, having breakfast in a local restaurant Wednesday morning and they are still on Cloud 9 and rightfully so! Myers attended Wesleyan Christian Academy and was a baseball standout there.



1. In 1792, Joel Lane sold one thousand acres of his Wake County Plantation for what purpose?

2. William Jennings Bryan delivered the opening address there, F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote there, William Howard Taft recuperated there, Bela Bartok composed there, and Margaret Mitchell honeymooned there. Where and what is it?

3. What County in North Carolina is more than two-thirds water?

4. The official flag of what North Carolina city features a snarling bear?


Congratulations to Linda Hunt for receiving the first Servant's Heart Award, named in her honor. As a former member of the Thomasville Medical Center Foundation board, I am aware of her energy and ability to get the job done. The Servant’s Heart Award will now be an annual presentation to a member of our community who is an outstanding servant.


I have noticed several Triad attorneys who advertise frequently on television stations. I am not sure I would want an attorney who has to advertise for clients to represent me, neither would I want a physician who has to advertise.

Gayle and I have seen one area attorney advertising on television so much that he seems like family. We are thinking about inviting him for Thanksgiving dinner.



1. To provide a site for North Carolina's permanent capital, Raleigh.

2. The Grove Park Inn in Asheville, billed as the finest resort hotel in the world  when it opened in 1913.

3. Dare County has 388 acres of land and 858 acres of water.

4. New Bern, which took it's name from Bern Switzerland. Bern is the Swiss word for bear.

Source: North Carolina Quiz Book by Lew Powell


What I’ve learned ...

Whining doesn't solve problems.

I always think of the right things to say when it's too late.

The Lord didn't do it all in one day. What makes me think I can?

Larry Murdock, former Thomasville police chief,  is a columnist for the Thomasville Times.