Know The Grand Old Dame of Thomasville?

Many love her
May. 07, 2013 @ 05:32 PM

At Thursday's meeting of the Thomasville Lions Club, the building in which the meeting was held became a topic of conversation. Since 1937, meetings like the one I attended Thursday have been held at the Thomasville Woman's Club.
Judy Smith, who chairs the Woman's Club Board of Trustees, notes that the Woman’s Club is a focal point of the community and has been for years with graduation parties, showers, luncheons, anniversary parties, class reunions and more.
“A lot of people make use of this building," she said. The list includes not only the Thomasville Lions Club, but also the Thomasville Rotary Club, the Thomasville Area Chamber of Commerce and Thomasville Civitan Club.
For the building affectionately known as The Grand Old Dame to continue as a Chair City tradition, continual maintenance is required. The flat roof on the addition was recently replaced for more than $10,000. Fundraisers also have been held for air conditioner replacement and maintenance.
I asked three members of the Thomasville Lions Club about the advantages of having such a place in the community.
Here’s what they had to say...

It's a good place to meet friends. It's very convenient for our civic clubs to meet there because it's centrally-located in town. It has ample parking for everyone and the food is very good. It's also very reasonable. It's an older building, so it just takes a lot to keep it up. As a member of the Thomasville Lions Club, we like to meet there because of its convenience, its parking and the food. I think it's a beautiful building. It has a lot of heritage in it.
— Betty Almond

The reason why we meet here is because we can have our meetings while we eat. We have our luncheons at the same time, so it means a lot to us [to have the facility]. We were meeting at another place, but this is better because it's bigger and we enjoy being here as Neal provides us meals.
— Glenda Gandy

We have the chance to come together as citizens and laugh and know that the money we are giving helps [maintain a local establishment]. We can come here and eat. We were meeting elsewhere, but this is better because it's a more personable atmosphere. It really is.
— Angela Rubnich