What do you enjoy most about festivals in Thomasville?

Spring Daze, Everybody's Day, Memorial Day Parade?
May. 01, 2013 @ 10:10 AM

Today we flip our calendars to begin the month of May, but the weather Monday prevented me from enjoying my weekly stroll along Main Street in Thomasville. Following the lead of almost everyone else in town, I ducked indoors to avoid the rain clouds which gathered overhead. I took refuge at the Family Video store on Randolph Street to speak with an employee and two customers about Thomasville's longstanding tradition of hosting festivals along Main.

Thomasville offers a bounty of special events from Spring Daze this Saturday to Memorial Day parade and other special events like the chili cook-off and Farmers Market.

For the two ladies I spoke with, Everybody's Day will hold a special significance for them this year. That is because the son of Wilco Hess manager Lisa Mason, who was perusing the video store with her daughter, is serving our country overseas.

Having been deployed recently, he will miss out on the first-hand experience of this year's festivities at his family's favorite local pastime. Mason and her daughter, Mary Furr, however, intend to do everything they can to make sure he is included in the fun.

Q: What do you enjoy most about festivals in Thomasville?

The vendors, different people who make homemade crafts: it's stuff you just don't find in the stores. And it's from people you know. It's not like a business from overseas coming over here to sell. It's people in your community who handcraft these items and sell one-of-a-kind things. Walking the streets in downtown Thomasville gives you the opportunity to see people you haven't seen in a long time. Kids can grab a funnel cake and lots of cool freebies. It's just great.

— Lisa Mason


Everybody's Day is my favorite. It's the only one I go to. This year will be special for us, because we'll send pictures and stuff we pick up to give him an idea of what's going on here.

— Mary Furr



The community, the feeling of everybody coming together, is my favorite thing in the world. Everybody's Day is the one event that is not geared toward any specific demographic. Literally everybody can enjoy it. The food is fantastic, there's always music, there's always dancing. It's just fun.

— Trent Summey