Stories paint pictures about life

Editor wants to make that difference in Thomasville
Nov. 13, 2012 @ 09:42 PM

I’m looking for a story. Perhaps several stories. Maybe your story.
I have been involved in community journalism since 1987. The newspaper industry, as you all know, has changed drastically, but one component remains — the search for a good story.
Community involvement most frequently leads to the best human interest stories — and those are the stories I love to tell.
As community news editor of the Archdale-Trinity News, I have written so many stories, I often find myself writing about the second generation. In my heart, the most compelling stories have been about people who have benefited from organ transplantation — some donors,  most of them recipients.
That’s because organ transplantation is the reason my husband Henry is alive and it will ensure that my grown children, Amy, 36, and Michael, 31,live.
Henry had a kidney transplant almost six years ago because of polycystic kidney disease, a hereditary condition where cysts grow so extensively that kidney function is leached away. Our children have the same disease, but for now kidney function is stable. They will need a kidney transplant in the future.
Waiting on a transplant can be a time of agony or a time to remember God’s gifts. My family chose to live in God’s grace and that has given us the courage to volunteer for Carolina Donor Services to help others who wait. The wait can be long.
As a family, we work the Bush Hill Heritage Festival in Archdale. One side of the booth is dedicated to those in the community who have made the gift of life or received the gift of life. In 2011, five people, my husband one of them, spoke with festival goers about their second chance in life.
Recently, I attended a banquet in Durham organized by Carolina Donor Services. I was recognized with the “Making the Difference” media award for a body of work and my family’s effort at Bush Hill since 2006. That award also encompassed the efforts of Debbie Hightower with the Archdale-Trinity News and Jimmy Tomlin with the High Point Enterprise to educate people about organ donation.
I want to make the same difference in Thomasville. Do you know someone who has benefited from organ donation? Do you know a family who had to make the decision whether their loved one would be an organ donor? Do you know a teenager about to make that decision to place a heart on their driver’s license?
I want to tell their stories. Email me at or call 888-3590.