Christmas past captured in downtown glow

Beautification Committee earns praise
Dec. 14, 2012 @ 02:53 PM

If moments can be recaptured, the Thomasville Beautification Committee has certainly accomplished that with their downtown Christmas decorations.
Growing up in Thomasville, my mom Ruby Wray Kirk, my brother Bolen and I lived on Worrell Street, next door to the Beavers.
On Saturdays, downtown Thomasville was a destination. We didn't always have money to buy things, but we enjoyed the walk and the talk, and especially lunch on Salem Street. I think the name of the restaurant was Pioneer. I always ordered the cod fish and green beans.
Roses dime store was my favorite. The display cases were tall, but somehow I managed to find that 5-cent toy that Mama would buy me.
A few Saturdays ago, I walked through Main Street remembering special moments at Roses and Belks.
When I was old enough to walk downtown by myself, I must have been in Thomasville Junior High then, I chatted a moment with my Liberty Baptist Sunday school teacher Helen Kennedy. She always bought the girls in her class little charm bracelets on their birthdays, but somehow my birthday was overlooked because it came during a transition in age groups.
It was she who realized this and at that very moment she took me to the Belks counter to buy that same bracelet for me. That charm bracelet made me feel like the girls I thought the prettiest  — my cousin Judy Wray (now Lambeth), Susan Cagle, Pam Brinkley or Susan Price.
A couple of weeks ago, after having coffee and a sandwich at Monkeez Brew, I remembered those special moments as I enjoyed the storefront windows decorated in their Christmas glory.
As I gazed into Santa's Workshop and the Victorian room, I saw a reflection. It wasn't the Clock Tower and Fountain. It was my mom holding my hand. For that moment, it was 1958 and all I could think of was the excitement of a Christmas to come.
I'm 61 years old now, but for that all too brief moment, I saw Christmas through the eyes of a child and it was magnificent.
Thank you to the Thomasville Beautification Committee and their chairman, Carol Brown, for their efforts to provide the community an opportunity to experience those moments again.