What do you love about Thomasville?

Flowers, small-town feel, the people?
Apr. 23, 2013 @ 11:26 AM

The sun's out and the weather — don't tell the forecasters — is warming up. Plants are in bloom and flowers are being planted in downtown Thomasville. Now that spring is finally beginning to look and feel like spring, I stepped out into the sunshine this week and gauged the "temperature" of residents toward the town in which they live.

As luck would have it, I ran into a couple of business owners — one at Monkeez Brew and the other on the sidewalk outside the Shops on Main — as well as a woman who enjoys the efforts of the Thomasville Beautification Committee and PACE. In addition to the flowers planted at the main square, murals are being restored as are the attitudes of people living within the community. Here is what these three had to say about the city.

Q: What do you like about Thomasville?

Having Southern Sisters Restaurant is kind of a pillar to build on. It's not always easy; you have to be creative and do things a little bit differently. You don't get a lot of traffic, so you've got to know what you do and do it well. I think there are a lot of people, especially downtown, who want to be here. Dr. Hedgepeth, who has his art gallery here, and a lot of other people like him care about the city of Thomasville. We have months where it looks like we're going to break through the roof, and other months it comes back down. You've just got to bounce back and keep at it.

— Jay Browning, owner of Computer Medics


I like it because it's a small town and everybody knows everybody. I like that small-town feel. I like that they're trying to keep things pretty, with the flowers around the fountain and the Big Chair. City Beautification is one thing I really appreciate.

— Debbie Skipper


I'd like to see some more businesses move in to make the place more vibrant and diverse. We just need more businesses downtown. There are so many nice buildings here, even apartment buildings. I like the fact there is access to local restaurants, like Southern Sisters over here, and the fact you know where things are. I just moved my business from Randolph Street to (Commerce Street). I like the downtown area.

— Tony Fountain, owner of Tip Toes Salon