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Where's Thomasville?
Jan. 12, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

The caller, who worked with an aquarium, sounded frantic. He just realized he had forgotten to call the Thomasville Times to obtain coverage for a presentation at the Boys & Girls Club.
This is the conversation as best I can remember:
"Can you come and take a picture?" he said. "The Williams Family endowment, I'm sure you know them, pays for this."
Me: “No, I don't know the Williams. Who are they?”
Caller: “I can't believe you don't know who they are. Will you come? I'm at the Boys & Girls Club on Such and Such street."
Me: That's not where the Boys & Girls Club is. It's on Pine Street.”
Caller: “You don't know who the Williams are. You don't know where the Boys & Girls Club is. What do you know about Thomasville?"
Me, a little wiser now: "That it's in North Carolina."
The caller then realized he did not have the Thomasville Times-Enterprise in Georgia.
That's not the first time. We've had comments posted on the website on Facebook asking "Why are you reporting on Davidson County. Nobody knows where it is."
We investigated and sure 'nuff, another Georgia reader.
Posted on Facebook: "Please call me. We need your help. We are a nonprofit, no kill animal rescue organization and we need your help."
Rather than embarrass the Georgia organization on Facebook, I called the phone number and yes, they were looking for the Times-Enterprise.
There's been a few more calls, but the funniest is the aquarium guy because I was about to head out the door with my camera.
We want to engage our readers — website, Facebook, Twitter and print — but we'll stay with our hometown in North Carolina.