Talkin' Tville March 27

March Madness: Who are you rooting for?
Mar. 27, 2013 @ 06:45 PM

With the first weekend of the 2013 NCAA Tournament in the books, I caught up with a few fans willing to talk about allegiance to teams battling it for the title this year. One young man came in all the way from Ohio to visit with friends over spring break and waited with bated breath as his team went down to the wire in one of its games Sunday. A Thomasville native at T-Ville Diner and two men who work at Merchant's Tire in Thomasville professed their affinity for two North Carolina schools with differing shades of blue.
The disappointment of defeat and joy of victory were prevalent Sunday, as the University of North Carolina ended its season and Duke advanced to the Sweet Sixteen. Meanwhile, for the Buckeye in town, he was elated to see Ohio State continue its run in the tournament after a nail-biting victory over Iowa State.
This is what each had to say to the following questions:

Q: Who are you rooting for in the tournament? Besides your favorite team, which school do you think has the best chance of winning the national championship?


My team got knocked out. Carolina lost to Kansas again. Duke played strong; my brother is a big Duke fan, and that's the first thing he did was tell me how Carolina stunk. Even though I'm not a Duke fan, I think they play better under pressure. Like last year, my man (Austin Rivers) could hit the 3-point shot.
— Bobby Buis


I think Michigan is going to win the whole thing. Duke and (Creighton) were almost tied at the half, but in the second half the other team couldn't hit a basket for nothing in the world. I pull for Carolina.
— Roosevelt Spann

I'm a Duke fan. The seniors are going to have to step up for us to advance. We've just been up and down this year. I'd say Michigan probably has the best team this year, with Trey Burke, Tim Hardaway Jr. and those guys. I didn't fill out a bracket, but if I had to, I'd pick Michigan (to win the national championship). Kansas, Michigan, Georgetown and, I'm just going to have to say Duke, have been among the best this season. Everybody thinks Miami, but I wouldn't pick them to go as far.
— Josh Hepley

Ohio State all the way! I didn't fill out a bracket, because as long as Ohio State's in it, there is just one team I'm concerned about. I don't know as much about college basketball, just because we don't have cable, and all of the games are on cable until you get late in the year and into the tournament. Now I like college football more than professional football. But when it comes to basketball, I like the NBA and my Buckeyes.
— Paul Kistler