Letters: Bulldog fans & elections

Nov. 04, 2013 @ 04:13 PM

Bulldog fans rip player

I am writing this because of an observation I made at the Thomasville High School football game on Nov. 1. I am so heavy hearted for the players who were treated so disrespectful on that night. My hope is that people would realize that these are kids playing the game they love to the best of their ability not men playing in the NFL.

On that night I witnessed a player being ripped to shreds by people who claimed to be Thomasville fans. I get fired up at football games but there is no excuse for the obscene things I heard on that night. Keep it classy Bulldog fans, remember that these kids can hear the hurtful things being yelled out at games.

I will proudly support the Bulldogs, win or lose.

Cody Green



Resident protests tap fee

First of all, my name is Jerry Floyd and my wife’s name is Peggy Floyd. We reside at 210 S. Old Fisher Ferry Road in Thomasville. I am 74 years old and she is 68. I served on the Planning and Zoning Board for a few years until I retired in 2004.

In 2006, a friend of mine on the City Council advised that I should pay the sewer tap on fee, as it was going up the next month. I thought it would be a good selling point so I paid the tap fee, never planning to tap on the sewer as I have a really good septic tank system. Ever since I paid the tap on fee, they have been billing me monthly for sewer service that I have never received, want or need. It started out as a little over $10 per month and now is a little over $15 per month.

I have written letters to the mayor, city council and city manager and I have appeared in person before them all. Twice I even offered to give them the tap on fee and call it even just for them to quit billing me monthly for a service I don’t receive!

If these people (city council and mayor) can come on television and say vote for me, I will do the right thing. If they think it is right to charge any resident for a service they don’t receive, none of them will get my vote.

Jerry Floyd



Leonard praised for activism

I am not a citizen of Thomasville and cannot cast a vote in the coming election. However, having worked with candidate Joe Leonard in the past, my experience has been that he gets things done in a timely manner and will be an asset to the City Council. This was very apparent in his management of the Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony — and in his efforts toward the nomination of Thomasville as the All-America City. There are numerous other activities in which he has played a major part.

It is my pleasure to highly endorse Joe for this office and I encourage the voters to elect him to serve on the Thomasville City Council.

Bruce C. Guard