Letters to the editor

It's your view
Feb. 01, 2013 @ 04:16 PM


Buried in the 14th paragraph of the 26 January 2013 “Off the Porch” column was a revelation that belonged in a headline on the front page.
Dick Jones wrote that NBC News had reported on 16 January 2013 that its original story about the Sandy Hook massacre was correct: Adam Lanza never brought the Bushmaster rifle into the school; he left in his vehicle.
Confirm what your columnist wrote and President Obama will owe us all an apology.
Barney Hill

This is a thank-you note to some people in Thomasville for their kindness to our grandson Joshua.
Mayor Joe Bennett took the time to talk to Joshua and help him put his golf cart in the Christmas parade. City Manager Kelly Craver took the time to talk with Joshua. Lions Club member Luther Watford ensured that Joshua put his golf cart in the right place. Chris Gallimore made a sign for the back of the golf cart, “Help Fight Autism.”
In addition, I thank John Herrion of Herrion House,  Mark Scott of Thomasville Tourism Commission and the Denton Post Office for the nice things they did for Joshua.
I also thank Jane Wilder at the Thomasville Medical Center who helped Joshua put an angel in the garden at the hospital and allowed him to be a part of the open house for the emergency room. Joshua goes every Christmas when TMC holds their tree lighting. Everyone at TMC always makes Joshua feel welcome.
Joshua is a very special boy. God made him just like he wanted him.
Thanks for everything.
Rindy and James Haymore, parents
Curis and Geraldine Herring, grandparents