Childcare is critical to our economy

Childcare nurtures young minds
Nov. 20, 2012 @ 02:41 PM

Research from early learning experts confirms that children are fully capable of learning at a very young age.
Nurturing a child’s enormous capacity for learning and understanding can provide the foundation for 21st century skills, including the ability to be communicators, collaborators and critical thinkers that businesses require.
Quality childcare programs also help a child be better prepared socially, emotionally and academically for school and life.
We are lucky to have many quality childcare programs, centers and homes in Thomasville and Davidson County.
The Learning Place at Thomasville Medical Center is one of those. They are a five-star child development center located on the hospital’s campus.
For more than 20 years, The Learning Place has provided a safe, caring and secure environment with quality education programs designed to meet the individual needs of children. 
“Our mission is to provide the most remarkable early childhood experience in every dimension, every time,” said Manager Nancy Hollis.
They work hard to give children and families new and fun experiences and the value of giving back to our community.  For instance, in November they participated in a canned food drive and classrooms hosted Thanksgiving feasts.  In December, all of the children will participate in the Center’s service project and will learn about and observe the holiday customs of several cultures.
“We also have started our war against child obesity,”  said Hollis.  “We are starting to create outdoor learning environments and incorporating more physical activity into our day.”
The Center also has a sick childcare center for children who are too sick to go to school and their regular childcare. 
“Our goal is to give parents peace of mind so they can work and provide for their families,”  said Hollis.

Resource of the Week:  Buddy up with a childcare facility.  They always welcome volunteers to read stories to the children, provide business technical assistance, rock babies and donate art supplies.  Call us at 249-6688 to volunteer.  Also, don’t forget about Snacks with Santa on Saturday, Dec. 1!

Bill Pless is the executive director for Smart Start of Davidson County. He can be reached at 249-6688.