Support your community

Buy local
Dec. 17, 2012 @ 05:00 PM

It is exciting that we are deep in the holiday shopping season. On behalf of businesses within the community, the Thomasville Area Chamber of Commerce encourages shopping local.

There are many local stores offering clothing, electronics, toys, gift cards, video games, sporting goods, restaurants, antiques, tools, and yes, even furniture, all right here in Thomasville.

We all realize that there are some products which must be purchased online or out of town. But when possible, please help the local businesses that support local jobs and local taxes right here in Thomasville and Davidson County.

The Chamber has deployed a variety of mediums to share this message throughout the community.

With billboards, banners, email messages, social media posts, newspaper ads, Internet ads, digital message board, and events like Small Business Saturday, we hope that the “Buy Local” message has reached everyone in Thomasville.

If every adult citizen of the greater Thomasville area purchases just half of their presents locally, it’s a $17,000,000 impact. The coolest thing is that this impact can’t be made by the government or some other institution. It is made by you, Thomasville area citizens.

If you care for your community, show it with your pocketbook or wallet, by shopping locally.

And if you are making charitable contributions this holiday season – why not do it local?

Our Chamber office has a list of wonderful charities that are serving local citizens every day.

I am often reminded of my friend who likes to say “Nothing is too heavy if we all lift together.”

Let’s lift together.

Live local.

Impact Thomasville!


Doug Croft is president of the Thomasville Area Chamber of Commerce.