BOE approves next phase of high school construction

Aug. 09, 2014 @ 11:03 AM

The Davidson County Board of Education voted unanimously to approve to hire Greensboro-based Geo-Hydro Engineers to perform preliminary soil borings and subsurface evaluation at the new proposed high school site on Hoy Long Road in the northern part of the county.

Five hundred and ninety-five feet of soil testing will be used to determine the placement on the site of the new high school. The total cost for this preliminary phase of the project will be $13,250. No definite timetable was released for the project’s completion.

Other items of business at the Aug. 4 meeting included the unanimous approval of bleacher installation at Oak Grove Middle School for a total cost of $84,497, as well as the installation of new tennis courts at Ledford High School.

The courts at Ledford High School have been deemed unplayable thanks to large cracks that have developed over the years. Play It Again Courts was the low bidder for the project at $153,000 and was subsequently tasked to complete it. The $153,000 cost will include full reformation of the tennis courts, as well as resurfacing and painting of lines on the courts.

The board was instructed by a committee tasked with exploring options regarding the courts that a cheaper solution could be had, but the cracks would reappear immediately. The asphalt will instead be completely taken up and a concrete-based sub-surface will be put down before the final surface is installed.

In other news at Ledford High School Patricia Steele will become the school’s new treasurer effective Sept. 1. She was previously occupying the same position at Ledford Middle. Mary Ella Monday will step in to fill that position, also effective Sept. 1.

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