Head-on collision in Thomasville confirmed fatal

Aug. 01, 2014 @ 02:48 PM

A head-on collision in Thomasville killed one woman on Friday morning and injured six more people, including children.

Misty Price, 28, of Thomasville, was driving north on Cunningham Road in her blue 1996 Ford Explorer when she crossed left over the center line and crashed into an oncoming 2003 silver GMC Envoy travelling south, police said.

The call came in at 7:30 a.m. The collision halted traffic in both direction for nearly two hours in both direction. Rescue workers pronounced Price dead at the scene. Her four children were also in the car and sustained minor injuries, according to police. Rescue workers transported Price’s three daughters, ages 12, 10, and 7, to Brenner’s Children's Hospital at Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem.

“Her four kids are fine. One had a busted mouth,” said Trooper D. Bowick with the Davidson County State Highway Patrol. “At the hospital, they were all OK. They got transported to Brenner’s where the father of the children was waiting.”

Price’s 3-month-old son escaped the crash with “not a scratch on him,” Bowick said, and left in the care of a family member who will take him to his father, Price’s fiance.

The driver of the Envoy, Jennifer Lewis, also 28 and from Thomasville, was pinned between the dashboard and the seat, troopers said. It took close to an hour to remove her from the vehicle. Lewis broke her right arm and possibly her foot, according to police. Her 4-year-old daughter who was also in the car did not sustain any injuries, police said. The child’s grandparents picked her up.

“Everybody had a seat belt on except for the deceased,” Bowick said.

Troopers don’t know if Price died upon impact or from injuries sustained after the crash.

“It probably wasn’t long after impact,” Bowick said. “She probably died from chest trauma because she hit the steering wheel pretty hard and the steering wheel was pretty broken up.”

Troopers aren’t sure why Price’s Explorer crossed the center lane but believe it could’ve been caused by slick tires in the heavy rain.

The speed at the point of impact is still under investigation. The speed limit on Cunningham Road is 45 mph.

Police said no charges will be filed. The Explorer crossing center lane was determined to have been at fault.