Rash of tire slashings on Salem Street

Uptown Thomasville Security Network notifies merchants
Jul. 26, 2013 @ 12:14 PM

Rash of tire slashings on Salem Street
By Eliot Duke

Thomasville Police Department is investigating a series of tire slashings on Salem Street.
According to Capt. Mark Kattner, four vehicles in two parking lots on Salem Street had their tires slashed sometime late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. Four vehicles in a parking lot at 109 Salem St. had a slashed tire and another in an adjacent lot at 111 Salem St. suffered two damaged tires.
"We received reports of damaged vehicles in the Horner Surveying and Father's Warehouse parking lots," Kattner said.
Police have not identified any suspects but are planning to increase their presence in the area.   
"All we can do is step up patrol in that area for right now," said Kattner. "More than likely it was just somebody passing through the area with nothing else better to do than slash tires. Right now we're increasing up the patrol and checking people in the area to see if we can identify any suspects."
Kattner said a slashed tired is not a common problem in Thomasville and this appears to be an isolated incident.
"We haven't had anything lately as far as people going around slashing tires anywhere else in town," Kattner said. "This is the only one that's popped up recently."
Nancy Higgins Horne, a member of the Uptown Thomasville Security Network that works closely with TPD to identify crime in the area, sent out an email to other members of the group telling them to be aware of anything suspicious.
Kattner said whoever is responsible could face multiple counts of vandalism.

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