TMC's 'Day of Dance' headlines February events

TMC annual event highlights heart health
Jan. 28, 2013 @ 12:40 PM

As February approaches, Thomasville Medical Center is ramping up its efforts to raise awareness for heart disease, as the month of Valentines is also American Heart Month.
One of the cornerstone events for which preparation is underway created a rather unique buzz last year. TMC's Day of Dance features a "Make the Call" dance, which participants learned 12 months ago. That jig is back for 2013 and, with it, the excitement of another event, scheduled for Feb. 23.
"Essentially, the Day of Dance is a way to spotlight women and heart disease," said Tom Doyle, community wellness coordinator at TMC. "Women are unique in that they may not have those classic chest pains that people think about when they think of having a heart attack. We're going to teach a dance that shows people some of those atypical symptoms.
"We'll have some instructors teaching the dance, kind of like line dancing where people can learn the moves. We'll do a video and post it on YouTube like we did last year."
While some are hitting the dance floor, others will undergo checks for blood pressure, cholesterol and body mass index — three primary factors in determining heart health. According to Doyle, heart disease is the leading cause of death among Americans.
Jane Wilder, community relations director at TMC, said the disease can be prevented in some cases by routine inspection. Women are at further risk, she says, because early detection is difficult in light of the unorthodox symptoms.
"We need to monitor things we can change ourselves," Wilder said. "(Dancing) is kind of a fun way to learn those symptoms. At the same time you try to find the symptoms of women's heart disease, you can do some exercises and enjoy learning about heart healthy recipes. I just think it's a really unique way to have some fun and get the information out all at the same time."
Wilder indicated the exceptional response from the last event prompted TMC to host it for a second year. Day of Dance is a community-based activity, so partners from across the city and county will also join forces. The Davidson County Health Department, Tom A. Finch YMCA and Davidson County Cooperative Extension are partnering with TMC.
For more information on Day of Dance, including how to participate, contact Wilder at 476-2442.

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