Everybody's Day artist: Driftwood transforms to fountains

Buddy Way, he's a little bit country
Sep. 27, 2013 @ 11:29 AM

Buddy Way is an outdoorsman with a creative mind. Driftwood, old wagon wheels, wine bottles and water basins are transformed to fountains.

"I made one for a friend of mine for his birthday and it just kind of became an obsession," Way said.

"I think most of the thrill of it is just going around to flea markets and finding stuff like this old wagon wheel," he said, pointing to a piece in his yard. "What you find may be just a little object that you build everything around."

The understated ruralist will take his decorative fountains, constructed with driftwood from the nearby Yadkin River, to Everybody's Day. Most of his fountains use a vessel such as vase or wine bottle as the centerpiece.

"I'm looking forward to Everybody's Day It features a lot of good artists," he said. "This is the first year I've had them up [for sale]. I just started a couple months ago."

A general contractor by trade, Way discovered this hobby in his search for tranquility during his free time. The most pleasant aspect of the fountains is the soothing calm it brings.

"It's nice to just sit back, relax and listen to something like that," Way said of the running water moving through his fountains. "When I find [special types of driftwood], it's like winning the lottery."

Among his other talents, Way has painted wall murals and portraits in Greensboro and other metropolitan areas. He has spent time on both coasts, enjoying northern California for a period of time, even inspiring a waterfall creation. The travels of a man who lives quietly off the beaten path in Randolph County have led him on his own personal journey he hopes to share today with the All-America City of Thomasville.

"He's very artistic," Way's childhood friend Debbie Skipper said. "When he sees something in his head, he just does it. He can sing, he can draw, he can do anything!"

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