Council supports business park

Aug. 27, 2014 @ 08:30 AM

The Thomasville City Council unanimously passed a resolution Monday in support of a proposed Davidson County Business Park.

After some discussion regarding the possibility of a new park creating new jobs and of Chair City residents gaining access to those jobs, the council gave its approval for the project. Davidson County Economic Development Commission, Davidson Progress and private landowners are working together to bring an industrial park to the county.

At this point in time, the council's support, however, does not authorize the distribution of resources to create the business park.

“This would not, in any way, shape or form, commit funds from the City of Thomasville to this project,” city manager Kelly Craver said, who informed the council that the Davidson County Board of Commissioners will act on the matter at its Aug. 26 meeting.

City councilman Joe Leonard cast his vote in favor of the business park, but did offer a word of caution regarding the prospects of Thomasville residents benefiting directly from the project.

“This doesn't appear to directly benefit the citizens of Thomasville,” Leonard said. “However, it does perhaps address additional growth within the county. Even though we don't appear to have a lot to gain from it, perhaps we need to be in support of this thing because of the fact it is occurring in our county.”

Councilman Neal Grimes offered a slightly more hopeful perspective on the opportunities the park may provide.

“I would maybe counter what Mr. Leonard has said,” Grimes said. “This city needs jobs, and they may not have to be in the city limits of Thomasville. This is a 15-minute ride down the interstate, and the potential of getting one huge employer or several large employers certainly would open up jobs for many of our citizens.”

Councilman Scott Styers agreed with Grimes' summation of the desires of the council to create a new business park locally. He said the feasibility of erecting an industrial facility in the Chair City is limited by the lack of prime real estate along a major highway.

Styers credited the Thomasville Area Chamber of Commerce for its efforts in trying to get creative in bringing a park locally.

“The [Chamber-supported] EnVision group is trying to find a place to have a major business park. I believe this may be the next best thing to having one in the city of Thomasville,” Styers said.

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