Moore plans to 'ramble' into retirment

Mar. 28, 2014 @ 04:17 PM

Janice Moore doesn't plan to sit around the house during her first week of retirement.
When her final day as City Clerk comes and goes on March 31, Moore and husband James  will have packed up the car and headed for the Blue Ridge Parkway.
With nobody to answer to for really the first time in their adult lives, the Moores are going to “ramble.”
“I thought it was about time we did something besides work,” Moore, 65, said. “I'll actually miss the work because I love my job.”
Moore shares her office space with an old bank vault, a remnant of when City Hall was something else entirely. Over the past 14 years, including eight as city clerk, Moore has worked tirelessly to make sure the documents being preserved behind the thick steel door five feet from her desk are in order. Moore's list of responsibilities encompass most aspects of everyday life in City Hall – council meeting agendas and minutes, annexations, outside sewer requests, oaths, liens, cemetery work and proclamations.
City Manager Kelly Craver, who for all but three weeks of his tenure in Thomasville has known no other clerk besides Moore, said her willingness to research is one of her most valuable qualities.
“The relationship between the manager's office and the clerk's office is hand-in-glove,” said Craver. “We count on each other every day. She's a Nancy Drew fan. The clerk's job certainly is more than just making sure everything is in the right file. It's being able to find the data, find the information and help analyze it. I think that's why our relationship has been so close.
“I'm excited for her, but we're just going to miss her. She's always been good about finding something to laugh about when everything looks very dark.”
As her retirement approaches, Moore said the reality of leaving her second family is beginning to solemnly set it.
“I have mixed feelings,” Moore said. “I'm a little sad because we have such a family bond up here and we all work so well together. I spend as much time with them as I do my family so I'm beginning to get a little sad about that.”
Mayor Joe Bennett said the feeling is mutual.
“She's been my right arm since I've been mayor,” said Bennett. “She's a great lady and we're going to miss her.”
Moore wasn't sure what to do with her time when she retired. There are plenty of ball games to go to with six grandchildren, but Moore and her husband want something to do besides sit around the house.
A friend gave her some good advice.
“We decided to take the next few days that week and just start up the parkway and stop where we want to,” Moore said. “We decided to just go away. I thought about it and someone suggested just go away for a few days. We've decided to just get on the parkway and drive. My husband and I like to ramble. We like to go on the back roads and go stop at these little junk stores and find treasures. We like to go to different places, places we've never been.”
Future trips may include the Grand Canyon and Branson, Mo., but for now, a treasure hunting trip to the mountains will do.

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