Scott Styers returns to Thomasville City Council

Styers grateful for prayers, community support
Mar. 21, 2014 @ 10:01 AM

Scott Styers had so much he wanted to say at the Thomasville City Council meeting, but his emotions would not allow him.

Styers returned to City Council March 17 following a long hospital stay that had him bedridden for six weeks. While he doesn't remember a whole lot from the beginning of January when he first started feeling sluggish until the middle of February when his wife said “he woke up,” Styers is certain the support he received from the community played a key role in his ongoing recovery.

“There have been so many cards and prayers and I certainly credit that and the good Lord with me being here today,” Styers said. “It was very emotional. So many people in the community, and even outside the community, really supported me and my family. It's kind of overwhelming. There's no way to adequately express our appreciation for all the things people have done, all the prayers.”

Monday night marked Styers first appearance at a City Council meeting since December. Styers said he developed a cough and felt tired around the first of the year and made several trips back and forth from the doctor's office to the emergency room.

When he returned to the emergency room for a second time, doctors admitted him to the hospital for what would be an extended stay.

“It kind of went downhill from there,” said Styers. “I had respiratory distress and after a few deals they determined it was Swine Flu and double pneumonia. There were some issues with my kidneys and my heart. Everything that kind of could go wrong did go wrong for awhile. It seemed like the perfect storm.”

Styers started to improve about mid- February, but still had a long road ahead of him. Spending six weeks in bed left his body weak and unaccustomed to moving around. He had to relearn how to walk and still is unable to eat solid foods.

“When you're on your back for that long your body orients itself to being horizontal,” Styers said. “I had to relearn the vertical world. I had no strength, no stamina. My body had atrophied so much. I didn't have much physical ability.”

Styers also found a not-so-great way to lose 40 pounds.

“It's not a good diet plan that's for sure,” said Styers. “I don't recommend it. I'm sure there a much better ways to go about it.”

Physical therapy at Novant Health Thomasville Medical Center has helped Styers regain some, if not all, of his movement. Within two weeks, Styers went from a wheelchair to a walker to a cane, and he's slowly getting back into his daily routine.

“I'm trying to ease back into my activities,” said Styers. “It's important for me to know that the community understands the impact they had on my recovery. It's just been amazing.”

Styers' return proved a welcome sight to fellow council members.

“It's great,” Councilman Neal Grimes said. “He has gone through a whole lot and we're glad to have him back.”

Styers, 61, is serving his fourth two-year term on City Council.

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