Change the time, change the batteries

Smoke, carbon monoxide detectors save lives
Mar. 09, 2013 @ 08:00 AM

As you change your clocks tonight, remember to change your batteries, warns Dolly Hulin of Thomasville Fire Department.
Daylight savings prompts residents nationwide to "spring forward" by turning their clocks forward an hour, but also represents an ideal time to replace used batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Hulin stresses the importance of checking the function of these detectors, because as she points out, it could save lives.
Last month, a Thomasville family was able to emerge from a house fire alive because of a working smoke deterctor.
"A mother and two children were able to escape with no injuries by hearing the smoke alarm," Hulin said. "It's your first defense against a fire. If you're sleeping, it may be the only way you're going to wake up, because with a colorless, odorless gas, it's going to cause you to fall into a deeper sleep."
Hulin hopes others will take notice of this case and act accordingly. Many other reported incidents involve detection of a different sort. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a frequent problem through winter months, and as the season winds down, now is no time to be lulled to sleep.
"Carbon monoxide cases in the months of March, January and Febuary are more common," Hulin concludes. "With power outages, space heaters are more prevalent this time of the year."
Her advice: take simple measures to ensure your family's safety by changing the batteries while changing your clocks.

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