Thomasville City Schools meets expected growth

Composite below state average
Nov. 19, 2013 @ 09:15 AM

At a time when scores were down throughout the state, all four Thomasville City Schools exceeded expected growth, according to the North Carolina Board of Education's first READY accountability report released Nov. 7. However, the scores were below the state average.

For Davidson County Schools, the overall proficiency, otherwise known as the performance composite, is 47.6 percent compared to the state composite of 44.7 percent.

The performance composite for Thomasville City Schools is 30.4 percent. In another category, TCS scored on par with the state average of 95 percent for math rigor and registered a 71.4 percent four-year graduation rate. Its five-year graduation percentage was more in line with state average, coming in at 83.2 percent compared to 83.1 percent statewide.

TCS did well to exceed expected growth during the 2012-2013 school year, which is considered a transition or baseline year for these new assessments and the state's new accountability model.

"All of our schools made growth, which is exciting for us,” said Superintendent Dr. Maria Pitre-Martin. “ It shows us the opportunity to really grow in our content. We have a long way to go because our performance composite scores were below the state average.

"We just taught the new standard course of study this past year and students took the test for the first time,” she added. “We have learned a lot from this past year that we can take into the new school year."

Detailed testing information, as well as data for individual schools, is listed at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction’s website at

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Thomasville Primary

Exceeded expected growth

Met 19 of 23 federal targets

Met 19 of 23 state targets

Liberty Drive Elementary

Exceeded expected growth

Met 24 of 27 federal targets

Met 32 of 37 state targets


Exceeded expected growth

Met 19 of 24 federal targets

Met 38 of 55 state targets

Thomasville Middle

Exceeded expected growth

Met 23 of 33 federal targets

Met 39 of 49 state targets