Search begins for next TCS superintedent

School Board enlists help from state
May. 21, 2013 @ 05:27 PM

Thomasville City Schools Board of Education is getting outside help to find the system's next superintendent.

During a closed session at the May 14 meeting, board members agreed to hire the North Carolina School Board Association as they look to replace current superintendent Keith Tobin, who will retire at the end of June. The NCSBA will advertise the vacant position, screen potential candidates and submit a list of qualified applicants to the board, who then will make the final decision.

"They're helping us with our superintendent selection process," said TCS board member Crystal Hodges. "They have a lot of different avenues that they advertise through and they do all the background work. They will bring in the applications and we'll work from there."

Hodges said the decision to hire the NCSBA was made to move the hiring process along in an effort to have someone in place by late summer. Board members also want to avoid having to bring in an interim superintendent, which would be an added expense in a time where TCS finances are tight.

"We want to make it a smooth transition so we're not having to bounce back and forth from one person to another," Hodges said. "Ideally, we'd like to find someone before Mr. Tobin retires."

Board members are looking for someone who is community and goal oriented. Hodges said it's important for the new superintendent to foster relationships with community leaders, including city council, and the system’s four principals. The new hire will need to be tech-savvy and lead the school system's efforts to create a 21st Century learning environment.

"We want someone to come in and continue where we are and also bring in some new ideas that's going to move our school system forward," said Hodges.  

Tobin and his predecessor, Dan Cockman, were both entrenched in the school system before becoming superintendent. Coming from within TCS this time around is not expected to be a decisive factor in the hiring process. The selection process is open to all qualified candidates. 

Applications are being accepted until June 5. The board then will begin the interview process.

"It's the board's decision," Tobin said. "[The NCSBA] will help them promote the school system and the area. They do a lot of the front-end work to get the applicants in to be interviewed."

Tobin announced his June 30 retirement to the board May 14 after spending 29 years in the TCS system. Tobin became superintendent in 2008. 











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