Blue Star Mothers charter revoked in Thomasville

Organization failed to meet requirements
Apr. 25, 2014 @ 03:20 PM

The Thomasville chapter of a nonprofit veterans service organization had its charter revoked.

Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc., on Friday announced that it revoked the charter on its North Carolina Chapter 13 in Thomasville for failing to meet membership requirements. The previous Chapter 13 in the Chair City no longer is considered a 501(c)3 organization and can not use the Blue Star Mother's name.

“They were experiencing declining membership and were not submitting all of the required financial and legally compliant document,” said Pat Soler, national president of Blue Mothers of America. “We've been working with them for two years. Its been a process. They are no longer eligible to accept donations.”

Founded in 1942, Blue Star Mothers of America is a Congressionally-chartered veterans service organization with a mission to serve members of the armed forces, veterans and families of fallen soldiers. Membership requirements include having five members who are mothers of a veteran and willing to conduct the business of the organization as an officer according to the by-laws and  guidelines.

“They had not concluded their 990 – an IRS required packet – for a number of years,” Soler said. “It's real easy. You can do it on the Internet.”

Several chapters of the Blue Star Mothers of America, Soler said, are comprised of elderly women who have been members of the organizations for many years and no longer can meet the obligations. Any donations made to the previous Chapter 13 of the organization are not tax-deductible, and individuals who accept donations may be personally responsible for the payment of income taxes on any collected funds or goods.

Congress chartered Blue Star Mothers of America in 1960.

Anyone interested in starting a new chapter of Blue Star Mothers of America in Thomasville can contact Charilyn Damigo, the nonprofit's fourth national president, at


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