Chair City Art contest extends deadline

Imagine a wheel chair made of different types of wheels
Sep. 17, 2013 @ 02:50 PM

The evidence of art abounds in the Chair City through its murals, featured in Saturday’s edition, and people. There’s one more avenue — Chair City Art.

People Achieving Community Enhancement, or PACE, a local organization of volunteers continues with a Thomasville’ facelift with projects that seek to bring a fresh look to the downtown area.

“Every piece of art enhances the beauty and uniqueness of Thomasville and helps bring tourists and customers to our local businesses,“ said PACE volunteer Nancy Higgins Horner of Horner & Associates Surveying and Land Planning in Thomasville.

She encourages everyone to think outside the box, or at least on the edge of a chair.

“Most people know what a wheel chair looks like. right?” she said.  “What if the entire wheelchair was made up of nothing but different types of wheels,  made up of an assortment of car wheels, bicycle wheels, skate board wheels. 

“Now how can you put those different wheels together to create a chair?”

The creative mind of Horner continued.

“What about a cane chair?  Instead of the typical cane chair, what if it was made of different types of walking canes or even candy canes?”

To encourage art ideas, PACe has extended the deadline of Chair City Art to  Jan. 1.

"In 10 or 15 years, we hope to be known as Chair City again, this time because of the actual chairs and not because of the furniture industry," Ben Watford, a member of the PACE board of directors, told the Times when the project was announced.

Members of PACE hope the emphasis on art will draw tourists. Using any original medium — from pencil drawings, paintings, sculptures, metal to graphic designs —  artists may choose from designated themes for chairs or they may imagine their own. PACE will award $400 to the first place winner, $300 for second place and $200 for third.

Entry forms and guidelines may be obtained at the following buisnesses:

• Citizens Insurance Group at 1040 Randolph St.

• Horner and Associates Surveying and Land Planning at 109 Salem St.

• Monkeez Brew at 32 E. Main St.

• Southern Sisters Restaurant at 11 E. Main St.

• The Frame House at 26 E. Main St.

• Thomasville City Hall at 10 Salem St.

• Thomasville Area Chamber of Commerce at 941 Randolph St.

• Thomasville Tourism at 44 W. Main St.

• Watford Real Estate at 11 W. Holly Hill Road.

For more information, contact Nancy Higgins Horner at 476-7211.