Talkin' Tville March 13

Who would you thank for making a difference in your life?
Mar. 14, 2013 @ 10:46 AM


Earlier this week, I grabbed a seat on one of the benches surrounding the water fountain in downtown Thomasville. Peacefully I sat as traffic passed by on Salem and Main. I sucked a bit of wind as a train blew by where I was sitting, horn blaring, engine revving. Several moments passed and my mind raced as quickly as the Amtrak. Having spent a sufficient amount of time to settle my nerves and refocus my thoughts, I emerged from the bench, got in my car and nearly drove away.
I'm glad I didn't.
Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted three teenagers pull up in a white convertible across from Monkeez Brew. I put my own car in park and walked up to them. These three, students at Davidson Early College, took seriously — and had some thought-provoking answers to — the question that followed.

Q: If you had the opportunity, who would you thank for making a difference in your life? Why and how did the people make a difference?

My great-grandpa pretty much taught me through my early teenage years what was right and wrong, how to hunt and other guy things. Now that he's gone, it makes you look back on it. I wish I could have done things differently, done more while we were together. We pretty much spent every day over the summer (outdoors). He always talked about the Junior Order Home in Lexington; that was his stomping grounds. He always told me about his childhood — he was an orphan. You'd have to hear some of the stories he told.
— Cody Adams

They [parents] always pushed me to do the right thing. Without them, I wouldn't have done any of the things I've done — the sports I played, school and going to early college. I used to play softball and was a cheerleader for awhile at South Davidson.
— Brooke Coggins

I would thank my mom. Because she gave me life. She helped me come out of my shell when I was younger. She's pushed me to so many different opportunities, like going to early college. Without her being there, I know I wouldn't have done it.
— Kacy Miller