Pass it forward

Beck donates $1,000
Mar. 05, 2013 @ 10:00 AM

A Chair City woman turned her good fortune into a chance to give back.
Donna Beck, an employee with Cone Health in Greensboro, donated $1,000 to Communities In Schools of Thomasville on Wednesday to help the nonprofit fund its weekend backpack feeding program at Liberty Drive Elementary and purchase books for the school. Beck said she never knew how many children were going hungry in her hometown until her brother, Ricky Murphy, who works at Liberty Drive, told her of the growing problem.
"I don't want the thought of children being hungry," Beck said. “We're all a community and it really does take a community to raise the kids."
Beck's donation came as a result of a promotion Cone Health held with its 7,000 employees last August. Every employee received a backpack as part of a feel good campaign with 12 lucky winners finding a "golden ticket" inside. The dozen people who found the winning tickets received $1,000 as part of a pass-it-forward campaign designed to enhance the lives of others.
Beck knew exactly where she wanted her money to go.
"it wasn't really a hard thing for me to decide," said Beck. "My focus was to come home to Liberty Drive and help them with the food program. I had no idea there was such a need and that there were kids going home hungry every day."
CIS of Thomasville currently fills 33 backpacks a week for LDE students in need, and the number continues to rise. Judy Younts, executive director of CIS of Thomasville, said donations like Beck's will help her organization expand the program, which in some cases not only feeds a child but the family as well.  
"[Beck] could've went anywhere but to bring that money back to Thomasville to help our children not go hungry is major," Younts said. "This will help our dollars go so much further. One week you may have a lot of food but then it's gone. It's something we have to continually replace."
Like Beck, Younts said people simply aren't aware of how many Chair City children don't get enough to eat at home over the weekend. 
"This isn't a problem in some other country," said Younts. "This problem is in our backyard."
Beck donated $750 to CIS and $250 to to the school to help purchase novel sets that will be used in the media center.

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