Chair City Clash 3

Fundraiser to benefit CIS
Mar. 06, 2013 @ 10:32 AM


A lunchtime meeting of chance helped a local nonprofit find a community partner just as dedicated to children.
Communities In Schools of Thomasville and South Eastern Championship Wrestling once again are collaborating on a fun-filled fundraiser that returns to the Chair City for a third time. On March 23, Thomasville High School will host Chair City Clash 3, which features a double main event with some of the industry's biggest stars. All proceeds will benefit CIS and its endeavors toward improving the lives of children.  
"It's one of our most entertaining events and is for people of all ages," said Judy Younts, executive director of CIS of Thomasville. " We're all about doing anything to help the child become successful, stay in school and graduate. That's what we're all about."
CIS of Thomasville, like most nonprofits in today's struggling economy, relies heavily on community partners and fundraisers to provide its more than 50 programs for children. When promoter Henry Dean approached Younts and other CIS board members about possibly doing a wrestling fundraiser, a partnership that has raised thousands of dollars to help feed and educate children, was formed. 
"It was sort of a clandestine meeting," Younts said. "I was sitting in a restaurant with some board members, talking about fundraising opportunities, and he overheard us. I was a little skeptical at first but then I saw what interest it generated. People come from all over to see the show."
Younts said nonprofits look for new ways to raise money and when an organization offers to help out, the support goes a long way.
"Every community partner is important," said Younts. "We have to count on our community to support us. For folks to partner with us and believe in what we're doing is major for us."
With a string of successful events already, Dean said the wrestlers look forward to coming back to Thomasville, especially when they know the proceeds are going to programs like CIS' weekend backpack initiative that feeds dozens of hungry children.
"We just enjoy doing it," Dean said. "Judy is all about the kids and wants to help everyone out anyway she can. To be able to help some of the kids who may not have enough food, that's something we can all get behind."
Highlighting Chair City Clash 3 is a double main event showcasing several major stars. One main event is a triple threat match pitting Rick Steiner, Arik Royal and Ric Converse in a battle for the Mid-Atlantic championship. Wrestling legend Nikita Koloff will serve as the guest referee in a special grudge match between Rob McBride and TNA Gunner.
Chair City Clash 2 raised close to $4,000 and Dean said he hopes to exceed that this year. 
"We try to grow it every year and draw more people so CIS can make as much money as they possibly can," said Dean. "I'm really hoping that the people will not only come out and support CIS but come out and see Rick Steiner and Nikita Koloff."
As the economy continues to struggle, Younts said CIS of Thomasville is feeding more and more children, and often families, through its weekend backpack program. The nonprofit also provides reading and mentoring programs, pregnancy prevention and teen parenting classes, and books to children. CIS helps kids get eye glasses and other medical necessities, all of which is made possible through donations and fundraisers.
Advanced tickets for the event are available at Aaron's locations in Thomasville and Lexington. Tickets may be purchased at the door with prices ranging from $10 to $15.
For more information, call Younts at 474-4233.