TPD may add part-time animal control position

Position would allow for after-hours coverage
Apr. 13, 2013 @ 10:00 AM

Thomasville Police Department's lone animal control officer could be getting some help soon.

Chief Jeff Insley will ask City Council to consider a position reclassification at Monday's monthly meeting that will allow him to add a part-time animal control officer to the department. Insley wants to reclassify one of three captain positions to a lieutenant in a move that will free up money for the part-time animal control officer.  

"We looked to see where there was a need and how we can best use the resources that we have," Insley said. "We do a have a need for a after-hours animal control officer. We were able to work within the budget and find a way to make it happen and still give give good quality service."

If approved, the part-time animal control officer will be on duty mainly in the evenings and Saturdays. City Manager Kelly Craver said those are some of the busiest times for animal calls and the new position will help TPD better provide a key service to the community.

"This is something we've needed for a while," said Craver. "We have a lot of call after hours and this will give us the ability to respond to those calls more rapidly. This will help us match up with our weekend and evening coverage."

Jack Bingham currently is TPD's only animal control officer. The new position will respond to animal at-large complaints, dog attacks and help recover animals. 

"It seems like the animals know when Jack goes off duty," Insley said. "That's when a majority of the calls happen. We're looking now at coming up with a schedule that will work, and we will be able to use a part-time person to make that happen."

TPD's two existing captains have taken up the extra duties left from the vacated third position, allowing the department to add an eighth lieutenant. The new lieutenant position gives TPD a commander over all eight units in its two bureaus — field operations and investigative and support services.

"We have functioned very well with the two captains," said Insley. "That has enabled us to do this and get it done so we can give a service back to the community."  

City Council meets on the second floor at TPD at 7 p.m.











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