Bingham's bill could save millions

Some vehicles to be exempt from emissions inspections
Dec. 26, 2012 @ 03:02 PM


Sen. Stan Bingham (R-District 33) hopes a law signed by Gov. Bev Perdue will relieve his constituents of unnecessary driving costs.
Bingham's introduced a bill , signed into law Aug. 1, to exempt certain vehicles from emissions inspections. He said in a statement that this law will save the taxpayers more than $10 million annually.
"I've tried as best I can to save us money, instead of spending," Bingham said. "You're paying $20 or so to go to the inspections location, only to have them tell you that your lights aren't working and that you need to take it back to the dealer. People find that frustrating."
According to the terms of the law — which applies to vehicles with less than 70,000 miles and have been manufactured within the three newest model years — an automobile must pass several requirements before it can be exempted.
The North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources must submit changes in emissions requirements to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which then must approve the submission as an amendment to the N.C. State Implementation Plan per the federal Clean Air Act. Additionally, the current computer system which keeps track of vehicle inspections must be replaced with an updated system.
"Once these requirements are in place, you can take your car in for its annual inspection and save $16.40 on your bill," said Bingham, who added later that he is serving as advocate for his constituent drivers because the system in place victimizes those who purchase domestic cars.
"Any prospective new car buyer will be most affected by this bill. The interesting thing to me with new cars is that when you look at fuel mileage, the American car manufacturers have let the people down by not being competitive in their mileage rates."
Projected start date of this program is Jan. 1, 2014.

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