Police reports July 22-25

Here is a listing of charges filed by TPD
Jul. 30, 2013 @ 01:47 PM

July 22

• Woodrow Wayne Godwin (WM, 34) was charged at 1119 Randolph St. with intoxicated and disruptive.

• William Daniel Bryson (WM, 19) was charged at 1042 Randolph St. with possession of a controlled substance.

• Christopher Wayne Smith (WM, 21) was charged at 13 Smith Drive with probation violation.


July 23

• Thomas Brandon Sims (WM, 23) was charged at 300 Unity St. with misdemeanor larceny.

• Allison Yontz Steed (WF, 33) was charged at 300 Unity St. with misdemeanor larceny.

• Diquese Javonne Waden (BM, 22) was charged at 121 National Highway with assault on a female.

• Mark Reece Buchanan (WM, 28) was charged at 604 Griffith St. with obscene material/pornography.

• Timothy Daniel Williamson (WM, 45) was charged at Pineywood Road with abandonment.

• Matthew Lamar Mathis (BM, 30) was charged at 403 Thompson St. with stalking. 

• Paula Garner Faucette (WF, 45) was charged at 1122 Randolph St. with second degree trespass.


July 24

• Jeffery Spencer Poole (BM, 22) was charged at 700 Culbreth Ave. with resist, obstruct, delay, not aggravated.

• Gordon Dale Watkins (WM, 56) was charged at 602 Pennington Ave. with failure to return rental property with written purchase agreement.

• Yovani Matute (WM, 20) was charged at 221 Moon St. with failure to appear.


July 25

• Maria Delos Angles Menjivar (WF, 38) was charged at 1854 Lake Road with violation of compulsory school attendance law.

• De’Arries Ireyz Brown (BM, 18) was charged at 634 Knollwood Drive with failure to appear.

• Nathaniel Ward (WM, 38) was charged at 1033 Randolph St. with intoxicated and disruptive.

• Sandra Gail Talley (WF, 50) was charged at 859 Lakeview Drive with cyberstalking.