Man who greeted deputies at breaking, entering charged with larceny

12-gauge shotgun stolen
Apr. 11, 2014 @ 04:37 PM

A Linwood man greeted Davidson County deputies who arrived on the scene of a breaking and entering to say he had called the homeowners because the home alarm had sounded. 

No alarm call was received, said deputies.

Deputies responded to 494 Twelve Oaks Drive, Linwood, on April 10 in reference to a breaking, entering, and larceny call. After units arrived on scene, the homeowners found that a 12-gauge shotgun was missing.

The stolen shotgun was located in the vehicle driven by Jason Ramsey, 25, of 200 Wayne Gobble Road, Trailer 4, in Linwood, the man who had greeted the deputies.

Ramsey was placed under arrest and charged with felony breaking and entering, felony larceny after breaking and entering, and felony larceny of a firearm. Ramsey was given a court date of May 6 and a $3,000 secured bond.