Charges filed in Brinks truck larceny

Thomas Eugene Strange
Feb. 20, 2013 @ 02:04 PM

A warrant for felony larceny has been issued in the Nov. 6, larceny of $41,000 dollars from the scene of a Brinks armored car crash, according to a press release issued by Davidson County Sheriff David Grice. 
An agent with the N.C. State Bureau of Investigation signed the warrant Tuesday, Feb. 19.
Thomas Eugene Strange, 37, of 272 Westgate Court 2 of Lexington was charged in connection to the larceny.  As of the press release issued 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, Strange remained at large.
Grice had requested the State Bureau of Investigation to assist in this investigation because of the number of local fire, rescue, EMS, and deputies involved in the rescue of the guards and recovery of the armored cars contents.
Grice added that he will not provide further information at this time. 
Grice expressed his thanks to Assistant Special Agent in Charge Brian Norman and Agent Earl Sams of the SBI for their assistance and to Lt. Kevin Johnson of the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office during this investigation.
Anyone with information concerning the whereabouts of Strange should call the Sheriff’s Office at 242-2105.

Here is the text of the story which appeared in the Nov. 10 edition of the Times.

Wrecked Brinks truck spills money on highway
Unaccounted total: $41,000

By Eliot Duke

A wreck on U.S. Highway 52 involving a Brinks armored truck is being investigated after some money remains unaccounted for.
According to Davidson County Sheriff David Grice, a Brinks truck and another vehicle were involved in a two-car crash Monday night on the northbound lane of Highway 52. The Brinks truck veered off the road and up an embankment, causing it to overturn. Grice said the driver of the truck sustained serious injuries and was airlifted to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.
"A woman collided with the truck," Grice said. "It rolled over a couple of times and landed back on its wheels. The driver, from what I understand, was not wearing a seatbelt and may be paralyzed from the waist down."
Money from inside the truck spilled out onto the highway and Grice said numerous county agencies were called to the scene — deputies, fire trucks and EMS. On Tuesday, Brinks filed a report with the sheriff's office claiming $41,000 from the truck had not been recovered from the accident. Grice felt it was best if the State Bureau of Investigation handled the case because so many county agencies were involved in the clean up.
"There was money all over the highway," said Grice. "Whether that $41,000 was even on there I'm not sure. The fact we had county employees out there, I felt it would be more appropriate if the SBI would investigate so no one could say we had not appropriately investigated it. There were coins all over and they were out there vacuuming it up."
Grice said the Brinks truck involved in the wreck had several violations including improper registration.  

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