Police: Armored truck robbery was well planned

Police: 'Someone knew what they were doing'
Jul. 26, 2013 @ 10:14 AM

UPDATE 9:30 p.m.

The three men and one woman who orchestrated the robbery of an armored truck outside a bank Thursday afternoon had done some planning.

“Someone knew what they were doing,” said High Point police Capt. Mike Kirk.

“This is not somebody just walking in with a note. This appears to be well orchestrated. It was well planned and they had someone following them.”

At 2:45 p.m. two armed male guards were unloading money from an armored Brinks truck at SunTrust bank on Eastchester Drive.

After they pulled money bags from the truck, two masked men approached them with a shotgun.

“Shots were exchanged and the guards did fire,” Kirk said. “I do not know if the suspects were hit.”

Neither of the guards were injured.

Kirk said the men got away with a bag of money.

The men jumped into a white Dodge Caravan and quickly crashed into the fence behind the bank, on Countryside Drive. They were picked up by a woman driving an F-150 truck and drove away. A man was riding in the truck with the woman.

Police believe the van and truck were stolen. Investigators won’t know how much money was in the stolen bag until both Brinks and SunTrust complete a count.

When the shots were fired, the bank went on lockdown. No one inside was injured, Kirk said.

On Thursday afternoon, yellow police tape snaked around the bank. A Brinks guard was still sitting in the driver’s seat while investigators snapped photographs of the truck and shell casings and bagged a shotgun left at the scene.

Officers canvassed local businesses hoping to collect surveillance video and information.

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UPDATE: 4:07 p.m.

Officers are searching for four suspects. The robbers were wearing masks. Officers don't have descriptions available. Two people approached the two male Brinks workers outside the bank. One robber was armed with a shotgun. There was gunfire but it is unclear who fired the shots. Officers recovered a shotgun at the scene. The suspects fled in a van that they crashed off Countryside Drive. They switched to a F150 truck that was reported stolen out of Greensboro, Police said. Police are canvassing neighboring businesses.


Photographer Don Davis Jr. said the back door of the Brinks truck is open at the scene. A hand truck had been used to unload coins, it appears.


We're hearing reports of a possible robbery of a Brinks truck in the parking lot of SunTrust Bank at 1301 Eastchester Drive. There was gunfire in the parking lot. Reporter Chanel Davis and photographer Don Davis Jr. are at the scene.

We'll provide updates as soon as we get them.