Police reports Aug. 7-12

Here is a listing of charges filed by TPD
Aug. 13, 2013 @ 12:57 PM

Aug. 7

• Jeffery Lee Gilbert (BM, 52) was charged at 118 Tremont St. with DWI.

• Khalil Marchaun Jackson (BM, 17) was charged at 7010 Ball Park Road with felony larceny.

• Varren Daveldre Anderson (BM, 22) was charged at 100 Donovic Drive with possession of a controlled substance.

• Shaun Anthony Safrit (WM, 30) was charged at 1585 Liberty Drive with felony breaking and entering.


Aug. 8

• Michael Dacotah Link (WM, 25) was charged at 816 Randolph St. with driving while license revoked.

• William Ray Holmes (WM, 19) was charged at 539 Oak Knoll Drive with felony breaking and entering.

• Zachary James Rickard (WM, 30) was charged at 210 Arthur Drive with possession of drug paraphernalia.


Aug. 9

• Tyler Christopher Powers (WM, 20) was charged at Interstate 85 with DWI.

• Mauricio Alexander Paniagua (WM, 18) was charged at 860 Lexington Ave. with open container of alcohol in vehicle.

• Dustin Wayne Bailey (WM, 22) was charged at 5 Laura Lane with first degree burglary.

• Megan Kathleen Angel (WF, 17) was charged at 125 City Line Drive with failure to pay monies.

• Austin Phillip Chatterton (WM, 19) was charged at 201 Cedar Lodge Road with larceny of a dog.


Åug. 10

• David Lee Corder (WM, 49) was charged at 1115 Randolph St. with failure to appear.

• Leslie Wayne Jester (WM, 49) was charged at 1115 Randolph St. in Winston Salem with failure to appear.

• Curtis Allen Cameron (WM, 40) was charged at 704 N. Albertson Road with DWI.

• Sterling Wade Welborn (BM, 53) was charged at 902 W. Cooksey Drive with larceny shoplifting.

• Stevie Lee Davis (BM, 24) was charged at 299 W. Guilford St. with no operator’s license.


Aug. 11

• Keona Shante Morrison (BF, 21) was charged at Smith Street with intoxicated and disruptive.

• Chanda Decia Taylor (BF, 30) was charged at 26 Hunter St. with intoxicated and disruptive.

• Joyce Lisa McKnight (BF, 24) was charged at 218 Moon St. with assault with a deadly weapon.

• Herman Lee Bradshaw (WM, 76) was charged at 4 Westwood Ave. with communicating threats.


Aug. 12

• Daniel Alan Darling (WM, 18) was charged at 2 W. Main St. with soliciting a child under 16 by computer to commit sex act.

• Alicia Donte Wagaba (BF, 34) was charged at 101 Taylor St. with possession of a controlled substance.

• Walter Michael Chambers (WM, 26) was charged at 1585 Liberty Drive with with larceny.