Domestic call ends with 2 people covered in blood

Bobby Scott Hendrix, 28, charged
Aug. 12, 2013 @ 01:06 PM

Davidson County Sheriff’s Department arrived on the scene of a domestic call Aug. 12 to find two people covered in blood. The woman had attempted to call 911 three times.

Deputies were notified of a 911 hang up at 156 Havenwood Drive in Winston-Salem.

Before deputies arrived,  the woman placed a second call to 911 and said her boyfriend assaulted her and would not let her leave. When deputies arrived, the woman was still inside. In a third call to 911, the woman said her boyfriend would not turn her loose and he had forced her to get off the phone.

After deputies knocked several times on the door, the woman was called by deputies. She told them that she was coming out but her boyfriend was not going to come out. The woman managed to open the door to get out. Deputies stepped just inside the door to find a man laying at the bottom of steps and attempting to go up to the second floor. A butcher knife was located within hand’s reach.

According to the press release, the man told deputies he was using the knife to cut on the cast that was on his left arm.

Both people were covered in blood. EMS responded and transported the woman to Forsyth Hospital. The man was transported to Lexington Medical Center, where he was treated and released in the custody of Davidson County Sheriff. The woman had multiple lacerations to her face, bruising on her neck and bruising about her body.

Bobby Scott Hendrix, 28, was charged with assault inflicting serious injury, assault on a female, first degree kidnapping, and assault by strangulation, interfering with emergency communication and resist a public officer.  Hendrix has a court date of Sept. 19.