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Grateful for community: Kramer makes contact with family
Nov. 21, 2012 @ 12:37 PM


Having lived through a powerful hurricane of his own, Scott Kramer knew Superstorm Sandy could've been much worse on his native Long Island.
After being unable to reach his son, James, and ex-wife for nearly a week following Superstorm Sandy's touchdown in the Northeast last month, Kramer finally got through to a family that endured an extensive power outage, long gas lines and a nor’easter.
"I think they dodged a bullet," Kramer said. "All in all they seem to be on a even keel, and the two of them survived."
Kramer remembers 1985 when Hurricane Gloria slammed into Long Island, causing massive damage across the East Coast, including eight deaths. Aside from a tree limb falling onto his son's car, Kramer said his family came away from Superstorm Sandy as well as can be expected.
"They didn't seem overly traumatized about it," said Kramer. "I was more worried about the nor’easter that came through than I was about the hurricane."
Just as residents began recovering from Sandy, a powerful nor’easter hit the area, blanketing residents in a icy snow mix. Kramer said cell phone towers in the region were down and he couldn't get in touch with anyone for days. 
"No signals were going out or coming in," Kramer said. "They've been getting a lot of ice and snow up there. My son waited 45 minutes in a gas line to get $40 worth of gas. They're paying $4.25 a gallon up there. They didn't have a fall. It went straight from summer to winter."
In the days after Kramer first spoke to the Thomasville Times following Superstorm Sandy, he couldn't believe how many people asked him how everything was going with his family. The outpouring of support only reinforced Kramer's love for the Thomasville community. 
"Never in my life have I ever had a community like this just express their concerns for my son and ex-wife in Long Island," Kramer said. "It was so amazing. When I walked through different places in town the first thing out of people's mouth was have I heard anything from my son. Some of the ladies just ran up and gave me a hug. I thought that was way cool."

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