Chamber wins two-state video award

Buy Local, All-America videos claim honors
Nov. 15, 2013 @ 02:32 PM

The Thomasville Area Chamber of Commerce was recognized last week with the 2013 Outstanding Video Award from the Chambers of Commerce in the Carolinas.

The  ward recognized two of the Chamber’s video programs – Buy Local commercials and an All-America City short video. 

Chamber President Doug Croft accepted the award on behalf of the Chamber’s partners. 

“We are very pleased to win, but really share this with two partner businesses,” said Croft. ViaMedia produced the Buy Local commercials and GeoCore Films produced the All-America City video.

In the Buy Local program, three television commercials along with one long-form interview were submitted. Those tout local merchants and the many community benefits of shopping and buying at local businesses. The Chamber offered concept ideas but purposefully did not script each businessperson. 

Croft believes that authenticity was the key.

In a separate nomination, the All-America City video submission reflected changes in Thomasville and how three local projects affected the quality of life for its citizens.  

According to Croft, authenticity was again the main focus.  In the video, Christian Brandyberry and Tracey Brinkley shared reasons why they are engaged in local projects – Children at Play and Project Divine Interruption, respectively. 

In both video categories, the messages paid off. Retail sales have increased in Davidson County at a rate twice as much as the state average. 

“We can’t claim that these video commercials alone created that increase,” said Croft. “But we believe that our multi-media messages, along with similar messaging from the Lexington Chamber, contributed. 

“And we need to thank the County Commissioners for seeing the benefit,” he said. 

A grant from the County Commissioners helped to fund the Buy Local campaign.

Thomasville was named an All-America City on June 20, but Chamber officials know that the video didn’t earn the honor. 

“But that video set the tone and created credibility of our three All-America City projects,” surmised Croft.

“The fact that the association even has video as an award category confirms how important the medium is,” said Chamber Chairman Hope Surratt. “I was thrilled when the award was announced at our board meeting this week.”

There are approximately 110 chambers in North and South Carolina. 

“It’s especially cool to be recognized by our peers,” said Croft. “They considered our videos as the best in communication category.”