Letter to a soldier will touch your heart

Written by a Thomasville student
Nov. 07, 2013 @ 02:30 PM

Letter to a soldier

"Dear Soldier,
It is today that we are supposed to take a moment and think about you, our hero and our savior. The men and women who have stood up for our country and said, "I will protect you.
"We’re suppose to throw aside our opinions of wars, both past and present, and consider instead those who  have fought and are fighting them.
"We are supposed to honor, love, cherish and respect you. We are supposed to lower our heads and let thoughts of you fill our minds.
"The problem is, Soldiers, that I don't see people doing these things. There are parades, certainly, marches, thoughts, people who are thinking of you, indeed. But are they really thinking? Are they really thinking of what you have lost? What you will lose? Have they considered the pain and torment some of you were left to bear alone.
"One day. That's all you have to fill the minds of children, teens, adults … you have just one day.
"One day is not enough time to make people realize what it means to be a soldier. One day is only a blink in the many years most of you have served.
"What you need, Solders, is a constant thought; constant consideration and constant love.
"Some  soldiers are old and brittle; others young and have never fought. Does that make any of you less deserving in our thoughts? Of course, it doesn't. You have all taken that stand, that initiative. You have offered yourself to this country to protect it, to die for it.
"You each have given up one thing when you enlist — your life. Not your life in terms of your family, but your life in terms of your beating heart.
“You have offered your life to protect thousands of lives. That is the greatest sacrifice a living creature can give, much like the male black widow who gives his life to his mate so that she has the energy to create a nest for their young.
"You gave your life to this country so that we can create a country that is free, strong and proud.
"I am proud of you, Soldier. I am proud of you Hero and I will never forget you.
"One day is not long enough to remember. You need a lifetime.
Name withheld by request