Talkin'Tville April 10

What makes someone a good friend?
Apr. 09, 2013 @ 02:13 PM

I was eating lunch at my church Saturday when I heard one of our pastors say something so simple, yet profound, that it left me to wonder what happens to childlike faith as people grow older. He quoted the passage in Matthew 25 which depicts Jesus as he foretells of an age when God will commend men and women for feeding Jesus when he was hungry, giving him something to drink when he was thirsty and inviting him in as a stranger.
Much like the followers that day, I too wondered to myself, when have I literally given food or drink to someone I knew was hungry?
Can I honestly say I've lent my belongings to someone left out in the cold?
Such humbling thoughts lingered through Monday, when I had the opportunity to speak with several children at the Thomasville Central Recreation Center. I wanted to know, in the minds of children ages 6 to 10, what constitutes being a good friend? How would it align itself with my construct of friendship?
Not surprisingly, the kids concurred one must show himself to be friendly before he or she can have friends. The answers to the following question served as a sobering reminder of what all of us should look not only to receive, but give.

Q: Are you a good friend? What makes someone a good friend?

Yes, I am a good friend. What makes a good friend is to be loyal to your other friends and to be helpful. Like if they're down, you can pick them back up with your kind words. One time when we were outside, my friend asked to play a ball game with someone. That person wouldn't let him play, so I let him play with me.
— Hizkijah Robinson
Liberty Drive fifth grader


I'm a good friend by being helpful and nice. Don't get into a fight with your friend. And also when people get hurt, you should help them so they can be your friend. On the first day of school, you can make friends who are not mean to you or other people. It was good that I had a friend (on the first day of school).
— Johnathan Gladden
Thomasville Primary second grader


I'm a good friend because I am nice to people and I help them. When somebody doesn't know what to do, I tell them what to do.
— Julia Fort
Thomasville Primary first grader