Talkin' Tville

What's your most memorable winter storm experience?
Jan. 21, 2013 @ 03:47 PM

Thomasville residents last week braced themselves  for the winter storm that came Thursday night. That prompted the question — what is the most memorable winter storm you've experienced? Here’s what folks at Tville Diner had to say ...

“Nobody in town had power except for us. For some reason, the good Lord blessed us to have power. In two days, we fed over 6,000 people. I was on the phone calling other restaurants saying, 'Your food is going to go bad. I'll buy it from you.' I was buying food from anywhere I could find it, sending customers after it. The third day, after the power came back on (in town), we were empty. They were lined up down the road at McDonald's. That was an unbelievable storm. It was about seven years ago.”

— Tville Diner owner Gary Hill
with grandson Dane Hill


A little more insight to seven years ago ....
“We ran ourselves to death up here, but it was fun because we had people coming from all around. We were packed out! Then the lights blinked and everybody in here goes 'Oh!' Gary said 'Hold still! Hold still!' And the lights came back on. He said the Lord's looking after us. We did; we had a good time, but it was cold. It was an experience and I loved it, but I don't ever want to have anything like that anymore.”

— Pat Cranford
Thomasville, waitress at T-Ville Diner

“It was about a half a mile from where we lived...back in the 1930s and 40s. It would drift in the dirt road area where we had to travel, drifts in there 15 feet deep. Ironically, we don't see any big snows like that this day in time. The biggest one I guess we've seen here was in the 1960s when it snowed every Wednesday for three weeks. Those mountain snows, in the Blowing Rock area, were in a little community called Aho.”

— Dwight Story
Thomasville resident