Talkin' Tville

Question: What is the greatest gift you have received?
Jan. 09, 2013 @ 09:57 AM

Salvation is the greatest gift I've received. I pastored for 35 years. I'm a Quaker and I've always been involved in Christian work. We were missionaries in Kenya, so I guess that would influence the answer. After I retired, we moved to Lexington six years ago and I've been working part time at J.C. Green and Sons. That allows me to volunteer teaching with a bible college in Wagener, S.C.
— The Rev. Carl Cuthrell, Lexington

This gift was for my birthday. It was the year before last. I live with a bunch of girls at college — Sarah Beth, Elizabeth and Samantha — and they all pitched in to adopt a manatee in my name. That was probably the greatest thing anyone has ever given me. It was really cool, because I love manatees and they picked one out specifically for me. It was really cute. She moves all around, but mostly she's in Florida, because the waters are warm.
— Angela Cockrell, Lexington 

It’s not so much a gift, but I didn't grow up living with my parents and I remember the years that my dad would actually come into town for Christmas and I'd get to see him. That meant way more to me than anything anyone has actually gotten for me.
— Dustin Cameron, Thomasville