Warren King — Mr. Thomasville

Man-about-town is Thomasville icon
Dec. 09, 2012 @ 04:48 PM


If there's something going on in Thomasville, it's a good bet Warren King will be there.
Through the years, King's bright smile and upbeat personality have become as synonymous with Thomasville as its Big Chair. From his flag-waving at high school football games to his front row seat at Finch Field, King's support of everything Thomasville is noticeable to even a passing tourist.
"I love Thomasville," King, 71, said. "I enjoy being involved in the community."
King's involvement in Thomasville challenges any elected official, as does his knowledge of Chair City history. Take a ride down any major street in town and King can give a detailed description of what is and what once was. He can recall a time when manufacturing dominated the Chair City landscape and Main Street bustled with activity. King wears a Thomasville High School football state championship ring on his right hand, a gift symbolizing his unwavering dedication to Bulldog athletics.
The Thomasville Lion's Club and City Council have embraced King as their ambassador, involving him in various functions and activities throughout the year.
"He's at everything we do," said Angela Rubnich with the Thomasville Lion's Club. "He gets involved where he can. Everyone knows him and I think it means a lot to folks seeing him in an organization helping others. He's a friendly face and has been a member for five years. He does so good helping provide support and encouraging people."
King's roommate, Phillip Hege, is visually impaired and said his friend is a great source of Thomasville news. Whether it's the latest update on the football team or what happened at Everybody's Day, Hege said King always is ready to share his stories.
"He does a good job filling me in," Hege said. "He's a nice fellow and we've known each other for a long time."
King never shies away from a picture or a hug. Sit down with him at a restaurant and chances are more than one person will ask King what he's going to get into next. If it's happening in Thomasville, there's a good bet King will be there.  

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