Times to print Wednesdays, Saturdays

Website allows for daily news
Dec. 21, 2012 @ 04:24 PM

Times to print Wednesdays, Saturdays
Beginning Jan. 2, The Thomasville Times will move into a new publication cycle — daily on the website (tvilletimes.com) and two print editions (Wednesdays and Saturdays).
You may have already noticed on the website that breaking news is posted as the story unfolds. The photo gallery captured the special moments at the Thomasville Medical Center's tree lighting and the Christmas parade. The website included 51 head shots of those charged in a Dec. 13 sting by Thomasville Police Department.
As we continue in this new direction, obituaries will be posted daily on the website, as well as included in the print editions. Police reports and crime briefs will sometimes be posted before they appear in the print edition.
If you follow us on Facebook and Twitter, you can interact with reporters — Zach Kepley, Eliot Duke and Daniel Kennedy — as they talk about news, special events or upcoming stories.
The print edition will include reader generated copy — an effort utilized by the Thomasville Civitan Club, Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club, Communities In Schools and other community organizations.
The Times also will include man-on-the-street interviews and local columns.
The website and the two weekly print editions will offer more advertising opportunities. In the print edition, Wednesday, a prime time for grocery stores, gives advertisers more time to reach people, which fits in with the Thomasville Area Chamber of Commerce's initiative to buy local.
The dual format offers us more opportunities to incorporate what you — our readers — want to see in your hometown publication. Got a story idea? Want to share a blurb about a special event? Call me at 888-3590 or email kstuart@tvilletimes.com.
Or, comment on this column posted on our new website.
The combination of a strong website and concentrated Thomasville coverage in the print editions offers readers the best coverage of their hometown.
From print to website, the focus will remain the same — Thomasville.

Community News Editor Kathy Stuart can be reached at 888-3590 or kstuart@tvilletimes.net.