Unilin continues expansion, adds 14 jobs

Company will run 24/7
Aug. 30, 2013 @ 04:24 PM

Four months ago, a Thomasville-based manufacturer reopened a dormant facility and brought 30 jobs to the Chair City.

Unilin Flooring will once again expand its operation by adding 14 jobs and establish a 24/7 operation. As the largest supplier of laminate flooring in the country, Unilin now maintains two locations in Thomasville, the primary facility on Cloniger Drive and the Denton Road expansion.

Production on Denton Road began in April with one shift. In June, a second shift and second department were added. Available positions include mechanical-electrical production technicians, press inspector/ back-up operator, forklift team member and press lay-up.

"We're looking for people with manufacturing experience, though not necessarily experience with laminate flooring," said Cathy Publicover, human resources manager. "We definitely want individuals with a total commitment to a safe workplace and a dedication to delivering exceptional quality for our customers."

The Cloniger Drive facility is also accepting applications for process engineer, maintenance supervisor, mechanical-electrical production technicians, Impregnation Team Members, forklift operators and inspectors.

Publicover lauded the company as an excellent place to work, citing a highly-competitive compensation package and friendly atmosphere as reasons for why the jobs should be highly sought after. She also credits nationwide economic recovery for the increase in home remodeling, which has allowed the company to expand.

Mayor Joe Bennett was present for the ceremony to celebrate the plant reopening in April and believes Unilin is a significant reason Thomasville remains a relevant home for industry.

"I go to enough ribbon-cutting ceremonies to know that a job is a job," Bennett said. "We've lost many over the years, particularly in furniture and other types of manufacturing. This [company] coming back is creating jobs for guys like the ones I've had the opportunity to meet here. It's a pleasure to see what's happening for Unilin Flooring."

Currently, 265 people in Thomasville are employed by Unilin. If interested in pursuing a job, applications will only be accepted online at www.unilincareers.com.

Staff Writer Daniel Kennedy can be reached at 888-3575, or kennedy@tvilletimes.com.